Introducing JoomGallery

JoomGallery is a native image gallery component for the award winning Content Management System Joomla!


JoomGallery comes with hundreds of features and is very configurable. See below for the most important and biggest features or go to the extensive feature list.

Click here to learn how to propose and vote for new features via Uservoice.


There are already dozens of plugins, modules and other extensions for JoomGallery available. Check our download section.

JoomGallery has a huge third-party support. You can find all the supported extensions in this documentation article.

If that's not enough use the API of JoomGallery in order to create your own extension for your needs.


JoomGallery is translated into many languages. You can see the supported languages on Transifex.

Please jump in there and help translating in order to contribute back to the whole community.


Did you know the best: Image gallery for Joomla! is completely free (no money to pay) and it's Open Source!

Nevertheless, apart from very much spare time for the development of our software the maintenance of this support site naturally also costs money. Support the advancement of our project JOOM::GALLERY with a donation, so that we can make our software available furthermore free of charge and advertizing. Thank you!


  • Three image sizes: Thumbnails < Detail images < Original images (thumbnails and detail images are created automatically out of the original images)
  • Fullscreen animated JavaScript boxes
  • Manifold possibilities in the detail view
  • Configurable watermark
  • Exif and IPTC image data support
  • Access rights for categories according to Joomla's user groups
  • User-created uploads and categories
  • Favourites: Users may store and download their favourite images
  • Option to download single images
  • Cooliris support
  • Google Maps support (GeoTagging)
  • Configurable view of toplists
  • Several upload possibilities from backend and frontend
  • Image processing using GD, GD2 or ImageMagick
  • Afterwards resizing of detail images and thumbnails
  • Possibility of using content plugins in image and category descriptions
  • Expand Joomla-Breadcrumbs
  • Search function in gallery
  • Unlimited nested categories possible
  • CSS-based layout (table-free, wherever possible)
  • MVC structured code, template overrides possible for every view